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Rally Revival 2021

Rally Revival 2021 is set to wow with a trip down memory lane and a new base at Glyndwr University Wrexham


60 year Mini Cooper, 40 year Vatanen/Richards and 20 year Burns/ Reid themes


Event message of ‘Inclusivity not Exclusivity’

Added venues for entrants


The 26/27th February 2021 will see Rally cars return to Wrexham for the first time in nearly 20 years in a 3 year plan to create a truly memorable event for the Town.

Rally Revival aims to recreate those memories of past RAC rally time controls and of course the years when the Town hosted the Vauxhall Rally of Wales.

Building on the highly acclaimed 2020 running which saw such greats as Jimmy McRae, Derek Ringer, Louise Aitken-Walker and Nicky Grist enjoy a unique atmosphere the like of which hasn’t been seen since the glory days. Open once again to a wide range of cars with a cut off at 31st December 2001, there really will be something for everyone.


*Covid restrictions permitting Friday will see the event based at the University, before in the early evening a ceremonial start. There then follows an evenings entertainment for crews with a Rally Forum at Glyndwr University. Saturday is a full days tour with runs at certain venues creating a feel very much like the traditional Sunday leg of the old RAC Rally. The provisional route includes visits to iconic venues and roads such as World’s End, Oulton Park, Weston Park (where we’ll have lunch overlooking the estate and have multiple driving layouts), Rednal Circuit, Stafford Driving Centre and more, before a return to the University and an informal get together on the Saturday evening. 

We will look to provisionally announce venues open to visitors from the 1st November onwards, please note that unless told otherwise ALL venues will only be open to entrants.


Bryn Pierce Event Director ‘’ We’re delighted to welcome everyone to this very special event, which aims to rekindle memories and create new ones. To have on board such enthusiastic partners and stunning venues for this second running was something we’d hoped for as the entrants will be in for a treat!. After a hugely successful 2020 running we hope to bring you even more new memories, but in a fully Covid compliant manner. The team we’ve put together are second to none and we are looking forward to welcoming you to Wrexham on the 26 th February’’


Rally Revival entries are open via , there is also an active social media presence on Facebook and Twitter. *Covid Note: The event has put in place stringent covid secure measures following all relevant guidelines and indeed going above and beyond some. Should regional lockdowns happen back up venues are in place and back up dates are already set.

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